LS Cable & System launches safety inspection business for cables 2018-06-26

■ First comprehensive consulting service for power lines and prevention of catastrophic fires
■ Expansion of business portfolio from products to technical consulting, and towards convergence with the fourth industry in the future
LS Cable & System (Roe-Hyun Myung, President & CEO) announced that it will launch a ‘cable safety inspection’ business for major industrial facilities at home and abroad on February 6.
With the launching of this business, LS Cable & System now offers to inspect the safety of cables and power facilities both within and outside of industrial facilities. The service provides consulting in the case that safety is at risk due to short circuits or damaged cables, or where there is more electricity consumption compared to the original design specifications.
LS Cable & System is the first company worldwide to provide such comprehensive technical consulting on power systems including cables and power facilities. This is part of LS Cable & System’s strategy to expand its business scope from products to operations and management systems, and technical consulting services.
LS Cable & System’s strength is that it can provide comprehensive professional consulting services as it possesses key technologies in the field of cables such as analysis of cable materials, insulation performance, and other systems. LS Cable & System provides diagnostic services on overall power systems including power facilities, which include structural, electrical and mechanical changes such as partial discharging, damage, structural change of cables and connection boxes.
Roe-Hyun Myung, President & CEO of LS Cable & System said, “Most of the major industrial facilities in Korea were built in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Therefore, many of the cable lines are now deteriorated, so there surely are some safety issues. One of our objectives for the safety inspection business is to practice sustainable development by helping to prevent catastrophic fires.”
LS Cable & System explained that recently there have been concerns regarding fire and social interests for fire prevention, which has increased the requests from major Korean manufacturers for comprehensive safety inspections. By utilizing technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as big data and AI, LS Cable & System has plans to provide differentiated services by providing additional services and functions such as failure analysis and prediction.