Patch Cord

Category 6 LS Simple™ Cat.6 Plus & Cat.6

¦ Support maximum 1Gbit TX and high performance Category 6
¦ Transmit full broadband and baseband video signals ANSI/TIA-586-C.2
¦ Provides 1.2Gbit high performance transmission that complies with international standards ISO/IEC 11801 and ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 from equipment room to outlet
¦ Possible to provide high speed with free extension up to 250MHz Category 6/Class E
¦ Connector designed for customer convenience, cabling with high density available at outlet and equipment room
¦ Shielded and unshielded solutions are supported
¦ All components have high flame retardent properties



· Factory terminated, providing the quality required to support your channel requirements.
· It is fully booted and have clip protection for simple removal.
· It offers a high performance alternative to satin modular line cords where crosstalk, EMI or distance may be considerations.
· Cable consists of 24 AWG (0.51mm) wire, each four pair twisted at a different lay length.