Power Cable



All the national and international specifications IEC, AS/NZS, BS, ICEA, TCVN or any others.


Copper or aluminum round compacted circular or segmental compacted circular according to the international specifications IEC 60228 or any customer’s specification.


The insulation material is made from cross-linked polyethylene.

The conductor screen, insulation and insulation screen are extruded simultaneously in one process to ensure that they are free from all possibilities of voids between layers. The extrusion process is carried out under strictly controlled atmospheric condition and X-Ray system.

In some special cases, tree-cross-linked polyethylene shall be used where required by customer.


Copper tape ( or copper wire or lead sheath where required) shall be applied over insulation screen


Polyethylene (PE) or Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

In case there is no requirement of armouring layer, the jacket shall be applied over screen.


The protection the cable from mechanical stresses is achieved by the armouring of steel wires or steel tapes.

If the cables are single core and are destined to be used in alternative current then the armoring is manufactured with non magnetic material ( Aluminum wires or tapes )


Polyethylene (PE) or Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

These cables are manufactured also with special properties in fire condition as flame retardant, low or zero smoke and toxic gas emission. In other case, they shall be manufactured to satisfy requirement of any termite attached.