ESG Management

      LS Cable & System Vietnam division promises to do our best to preserve the global environment based on the following global environmental policies in order to respect human values and create a rich and sustainable society.

      · We will recognize the beautiful environment as a key success factor for all companies and create corporate value through active environmental management.

      · Throughout the development, production, sales, and disposal of products, we will actively strive to save resources and energy and reduce pollutants for all mankind.

      · We will comply with environmental regulations and agreements in Europe, implement active environmental management, and disclose its achievements to all over the world.

      Workplace Safety

      We are promoting technical cooperation with our domestic and overseas subsidiaries to improve
      HSE management and reduce related accidents.

      SCL(Safety Culture Leader) Certification

      LS Cable considers workplace safety a top priority and has obtained Safety Culture Ladder (SCL), an international safety certification. SCL is a system that evaluates the level of safety culture, including safety awareness and behavior of employees, as well as safety management systems and procedures, after rigorous screening of 18 items in six areas, including leadership and safety policies.

      LS Cable continues to promote thorough safety management to establish a safe workplace culture.

      Social Contribution

      International volunteer group for college students

      LSCV dispatched a volunteer group consisting of college students and executives and employees to build 8 to 10 classroom-sized school buildings every year. So far, a total of 14 dream schools have been built in Haiphong, Haizheng, Ho Chi Minh and Dongnai, Vietnam. In the face of difficulty leaving the country due to COVID-19, instead of dispatching volunteers, the existing school's health center was repaired and replaced with activities to support drugs and medical equipment so that Vietnamese elementary school students can receive improved medical services.