LS Cable & System Vietnam

      CEO Message

      • I am very glad to introduce and hope this website will play an important role in the prosperity of our customers and LSCV.
        LSCV established in 2006, has been contributing to building power grids and communication networks first in Vietnam then in countries all over the world by developing, producing and providing cables.
        LSCV which specializes in design, manufacture, supply UTP cables, Power Cables, Busduct, & Fiber Cables has penetrated deeply into our everyday lives through power and communications technology, to connect people all over the globe. We contribute to making the world closer, more convenient and more affluent.
        We to define the direction of business and integrate the abilities of its employees with new slogan "LS Cable & System Way". It is the combination of our new vision “Enable the Cable World” and code of conduct for all employees,"C.O.R.E". The company is new vision is to make the world brighter and richer through energy and information as a total cable solutions corporation with expertise.


      • 2018

        MV Factory Completed
        Busduct Factory Completed

      • 2015

        3rd Expansion on LV Factory
        Optical Fiber Cable Factory Completed

      • 2014

        UTP Plant Relocation from Korea to Vietnam
        ISO 14001 Certificate

      • 2013

        4th Expansion on UTP Factory

      • 2012

        Established Domestic Sales Office
        3rd Expansion on UTP factory

      • 2011

        2nd Expansion on LV and UTP factory

      • 2010

        1st Expansion on LV Factory

      • 2009

        1st Expansion on UTP Factory

      • 2008

        ISO 9001 Certificate

      • 2007

        UTP Factory Completed

      • 2006

        Established as LS Cable Vietnam
        LV Factory Completed