Title LS C&S Combating Cable Power Failure and Fire Through IoT
      Date 2022-08-22

      Photograph) An LS C&S worker monitoring the status of power distribution cables through the i-check system application installed on a mobile device.

      ■ Remote cable management system ‘i-check’ launched
      ■ Monitoring cable safety in large-scale commercial facilities and industrial complexes
      ■ Contributing to building an ESG ecosystem through electrical safety technology

      On August 23, LS C&S has announced the launch of its remote cable management system ‘i-check’ and officially began its commercialization at large-scale commercial facilities, industrial complexes, buildings, etc.
      LS C&S is planning to enhance ESG management and contribute to building an ESG ecosystem throughout society through the commercialization of electrical safety technologies.
      i-check features an IoT (Internet of things) sensor attached to a cable which detects abnormalities in heating, short circuits, etc., and helps prevent power failures, fires, etc., caused by cable abnormalities.
      An administrator can check the status of cables in real-time via the web or a mobile device, and can even receive push notifications whenever an abnormality occurs.
      In addition, the company has developed a method of digitally managing cable information. Reading a special QR code with a dedicated reader or mobile device can easily help users determine the cable manufacturing and maintenance history, residual lifespan, etc.
      A company spokesperson stated, “Electrical factors such as short circuit, overload, and cable damage are the biggest causes of fire in our country,” and added, “We are receiving many inquiries regarding the implementation of this new system from data centers, petrochemical factories, hospitals, and traditional markets, which suffer economic losses and loss of human life in cases of massive power failure and fire.”