Title LS C&S to Unveil Electric Vehicle/Charging Infrastructure Solutions at ‘K-BATTERY SHOW 2023’
      Date 2023-09-13

      Photograph) View of the LS C&S booth at K-BATTERY SHOW 2023 

      ■ Business development focused on new growth engine and expansion of businesses with affiliates
      ■ New products to be unveiled at the exhibition include busducts and ultra-fast charging cables for
      charging stations

      LS C&S has announced that the company will be unveiling electric vehicle and charging infrastructure solutions at ‘K-BATTERY SHOW 2023,’ which will be held at KINTEX in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do for three days starting on September 13.

      LS C&S will be unveiling its busducts and EV-way for electric vehicle charging stations for the first time at this exhibition. Busducts are large-capacity power supply systems that replace the wires in ultra-high-rise buildings, apartments, factories, etc. LS C&S has recently developed a busduct for charging stations that require a significant amount of power.

      There will also be an ultra-fast charging cable on display. This is a liquid-cooled cable that suppresses increases in temperature with a coolant, and the cable has reduced thickness and weight by nearly half compared to air-cooled cables. Until now, Korea has had to rely on imports, with the market being dominated by European companies with patents, etc.

      LS C&S is currently supplying motor winding wires, high-voltage harnesses, aluminum wires, etc., to finished auto manufacturers, battery manufacturers, etc., both domestically and overseas, and the company has also been growing other relevant businesses by participating in the ‘Development of Hybrid ESSs for Electric Vehicle Charging’ national project, etc.

      The exhibition will also feature various parts used in electric vehicles such as motors and batteries. The ultracapacitor from LS Materials is capable of fast charging and discharging, and has thus been dubbed a ‘next-gen secondary battery’. It is used for a variety of purposes, including electric vehicle auxiliary power units, wind power generators, automated guide vehicles (AGV), and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

      A company spokesperson stated, “We are focused on developing electric vehicle materials and parts, and charging infrastructure solutions as our new growth engines,” and added, “This exhibition will be a place where we unveil all relevant products with our affiliates, including Gaon Cable, LS EV Korea, LS Materials, and LS Alsco.”